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Event Managers will assure you not to miss the appointment or important event in your life, be it your friend's birthday or official meeting. All these applications make it easy to manage and keep track of any kind of upcoming goings-on in your life. Lots of additional features, such as to-do list managers, contacts databases, all kind of reminders, etc. are included.

Free Event Planner download selection is a descendant of our Free Event Manager by Alexandra Bela customized for you:

  1. esyPlanner
    esyPlanner Download
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    EsyPlanner is a nice PIM to keep your life organized.

    ...It also includes a planner to schedule your daily ...remind you of important events or tasks, including ...for free.

  2. Agenda LM
    Agenda LM Download
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    A comprehensive, full-featured free agenda with a long list of extra utilities.

    ...you of any important date or event. Besides, all the information contained in...

  3. Chaos Manager
    Chaos Manager Download
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    personal organizer.

    Chaos Manager is a compact organizer that includes an appointment/to-do manager, a calendar, contacts, a notebook, print...

    Latest Comments:

    Guest great reminder program plus!

  4. Summit Event Data Collector

    The Summit Data Collector is a free-of-charge product.

    ...free-of-charge product that enables you to start building your event ...can be imported into Summit Event Manager - Pro at...

Some Free Event Planner downloads, not featured in Free Event Manager

  1. Tunngle
    Tunngle Download
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    (43 votes)

    Tunngle allows you to play your LAN games online over the Internet.

    Tunngle allows you to easily play your Local Area Network (LAN) games online over the Internet. Its huge 255 players...

  2. MeetingMatrix

    MeetingMatrix® is the most used and preferred meeting planning solution.

    ...provider worldwide. Both meeting venues and event planners alike are able to communicate function...